About Us

In early 2020, like so many others, Lucus Labs' business was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of doing just enough specialized R&D to "keep the lights on", we felt it was time to make a change for the successful future and longevity of our company.

One area we realized needed re-evaluating was in the very products we use to run our own day-to-day business. Research, and our own first-hand experience, taught us that companies need on average 10 different products in order to operate efficiently. These products range from accounting & financials to contact & customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), HR, inventory, assets, & product tracking, video conferencing, and everything in between.

With further research, we learned there isn't a "one size fits all" solution available, at least not one that is also affordable for and targeted toward small businesses. And so, Lucus Labs decided to pivot into what it is today - a company dedicated to developing technologies that simplify the fundamentals of small businesses, giving them a competitive advantage to stay relevant and to grow their business without needing to also grow their technologies, and to do so at an affordable price point.